Having had to admit they probably knew less about our capital than the average tourist, the 4CN decided enough was enough and took matters into their own hands.

On a glorious autumn day – we won’t dwell on the short downpour – the class embarked on a guided tour with a twist: Instead of joining an official tour, the students acted as tour guides for their classmates and their teachers, Ms Oliva and Ms Schlechta. During the walk lots of interesting facts were revealed (in English!), not only about Vienna’s main sights, such as the Belvedere, the Imperial Palace and the Town Hall, but also about the many libraries that can be found in our city. 

If you didn’t know either that the National Library houses the only globe museum in the world, that the Opera House features in Mission Impossible and that Austria’s Nobel prize winner Elfriede Jelinek is a graduate of the University of Vienna, then you should definitely book a guided tour. Unfortunately, we can’t promise that it will be as enjoyable as the 4CN’s custom-made one.